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    NEW (2012/06/14)
    If you have won a voucher you have to claim it or to destroy it.To do this you have to use the contact link.
    If you do not...YOUR ACCOUNT IS FROZEN and you validate for nothing.
    If you validate several times for nothing,your account risks to be CANCELLED.

    What is a voucher worth?
    A voucher is worth an upgrade ($0.10)
    A voucher under certains condition can be used to buy an upgrade.
    A upgrade bought with a voucher gives you no banner adds.(you can buy an upgrades with the cash you will certainly win because of this voucher)
    A voucher can only be used if you are un sponsor.if you have already upgraded you are a sponsor.

    How can I get a voucher?
    You can win vouchers in special activity contest. You can see if you have vouchers to claim in the column "vr"
    A voucher has to be claimed...Use the contact link to claim it.

    maximum pending voucher is 3.
    You have to claim your vouchers to get new vouchers if you have 3 pending vouchers.
    it is a pity that so few among you claim their vouchers...no problem...the looser are the ones who do not claim their vouchers.
    I cannot all do for everybody...the game is also reading the rules...

    I repeat me...but not claiming vouchers is same as loosing cash.
    You buy one upgrade for $0.10...you claim your voucher and you are in the same situation as one who has bought 2 upgrades. Normaly if you won an voucher you have already enough cash on your account to buy one upgrade.
    Have a look on accounts with upgrades:
    They will be the accounts which will earn the most.
    Ok some of them are only sponsors accounts who are not very active.But they are satisfied with it,because they advertise for little cash and slowely got back their spending cash for upgrades.

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